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Player Code Of Conduct

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Play by the rules of the game.

Never argue with the referee or any other official there to help you. If you disagree, ask your captain, coach or manager to courteously approach the official during a break or after the competitive event.

A good player is a self-disciplined person who stays in control of your temper always. Verbal abuse of officials, sledging other players, and deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent are neither acceptable nor permissible behaviours.

Work hard on your own game and work equally hard to play your part in the team effort, as there will be benefits to both the team's performance and your performance.

Be a good sport – respect and applaud all good plays, whether made by your team or the opposition.

Treat all participants in football events as you would like to be treated. Never bully, take 'cheap shots' or take unfair advantage of another competitor.

Cooperate with your team coach, teammates, and opponents – without them, there would be no competitive event.

Participate for your enjoyment and benefit, not just to please others such as coaches, parents, etc.

Respect all participants' rights, dignity and worth, regardless of their gender, ability level, cultural background or religion.

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