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Administrator Code Of Conduct

CODE OF BEHAVIOUR - ADMINISTRATOR 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.04 4.05 4.06 4.07 4.08 4.09 4.10 4.11 4.12 4.13

Involve players and young persons in planning, leadership, evaluation and decision-making related to the sporting activity of football.

Provide equal opportunities for all who wish to do so to participate in football activities.

Create pathways for young persons to participate in Futsal as players, coaches, referees, administrators, etc.

Ensure that rules, equipment, duration of matches and training schedules are modified to suit young players' age, ability and maturity level.

Ensure the provision of quality supervision and instruction for all players, particularly young players.

Remember that people, particularly young people, participate for their enjoyment and benefit – do not overemphasize awards.

Help coaches and officials highlight appropriate behaviour and skill development and assist in improving the standards of coaching and officiating.

Ensure that everyone involved in Futsal emphasizes fair play, not winning at all costs.

Provide a code of behaviour sheet for spectators, officials, parents, coaches, supporters and players and encourage all participants to follow this code.

Remember to set an example - your behaviour and comments should always be positive and supportive.

Make it clear that abuse, including verbal abuse, of any persons involved in football is unacceptable and shall result in disciplinary action.

Support the implementation of the national junior sport policy and the specific national policy of the sport of Futsal.

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person involved with the sport of Futsal, regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

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